If you like to serve in our production team, that this is the right spot to get all the information.

During the services, song lyrics and Bible passages are projected on the screen. In addition, this service also supports the technicians on the soundboard.

Contact: Michael

Like all other ministries of the congregation, the sound ministry wants to be understood first and foremost to honor and glorify God in the context of praise and worship. Through its integration into the overarching worship ministry, its task is to present the musical expression of the worship team in the best possible light and to prepare it in such a way that an optimal worship attitude of the congregation is made possible or encouraged. Main areas of activity are: Preparing the stage and ensuring the technical equipment is in working order, preparing and mixing the voices/instruments for worship and sermon/translation via mixer, recording sermon/translation as MP3.


You know a lot about lighting and stage technology, or would like to get involved here? We are looking for reinforcement here.