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From the moment visitors enter the building, the visitor team has their hands full. Whether it’s greeting them, assigning them a place, handing out information booklets, they are simply the face of the church.

We want to demonstrate the love of God to everyone who comes to church. To do this, we are the first to have the opportunity to bless each person. Our goal is to open the door to everyone when they come in, greet them and show them that they are welcome.

Planned: Once per month

Contact: Johanna and Rahel

This ministry is for men and women who want to be a hands-on support during worship services. The tasks are absolutely necessary for the flow of the service: greeting visitors, especially those who have come for the first time, making sure that the worship space is tidy, escorting late guests to an empty seat, handing out Bibles, etc. In addition, the steward is in eye contact with the preacher and can respond to any disturbances and support the preacher through prayer.

Contact: Martin