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The letter to the Colossians
(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Colossians 4v7-18 good bye colossians 23.01.2008 n/a
Colossians 4v2-6 Putting on the new me - Part 4 16.01.2008 n/a
Colossians 3,18-4,1Putting on the new me - part 3 14.11.200713.9 MB
Colossians 3,14-17Putting on the new me - part 2 07.11.200712.6 MB
Colossians 3, 12-13Putting on the new me - part 1 24.10.200711.9 MB
Colossians 3v1-11To not seek after the things of this world 17.10.200713.6 MB
Colossians 2v11-23Being in Him and not moved from it 10.10.200712.0 MB
Colossians 2v1-10Our wisdom is only found in Christ 03.10.200713.5 MB
Colossians 1v24-29Paul's suffering for the church 12.09.200713.4 MB
Colossians 1v19-23All the fullness in Christ 05.09.200713.4 MB
Colossians 1v12-20Qualified in him who is all 22.08.200714.3 MB
Colossians 1v9-11Paul's awesome prayer for the colossians 15.08.200712 MB
Colossians 1v1-8Evaluation of the present situation 08.08.200712.8 MB

(Pastor Josiah)

Passage Title DateSize
Titus 3What we all must remember 09.12.200710.8 MB
Titus 2v1-15The church 02.12.200713.3 MB
Titus 1v1-16Church Leadership 25.11.200715.4 MB

(Marc Haunschild)

Passage Title DateSize
Jude 8-25Bielam, Korah / Keep yourselfs in the love of God! 09.01.200813.6 MB
Jude 5-7A very sad time of mankind and then the Flood 19.12.200713.5 MB
Jude 4-19The plan of the ages of the bible and Cain, Abel and Henoch 12.12.200711.4 MB
Jude 3-4Code Red 05.12.200712.2 MB
Jude 1-3Being a doulos of Jesus 21.11.200712.8 MB

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