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(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Romans16v20-27God who establishes us 11.10.20068.2 MB
Romans16v17-20Dealing with divisive topics 04.10.20067.7 MB
Romans16v1-16Eternal Footprints 20.09.20069.5 MB
Romans15v22-33The diligence of Paul 13.09.20069.1 MB
Romans15v14-21Preaching the full gospel 06.09.20069.2 MB
Romans15v7-13Living Sacrifice Part3 23.08.20068.1 MB
Romans15v1-7Teacher, who teaches you? 02.08.200610.8 MB
Romans15v1-2Living sacrifice: To bear each other's scruples 12.07.20069.1 MB
Romans14v19-23Living sacrifice: Things that lead to peace and edification part 2 05.07.200612.4 MB
Romans14v19Living sacrifice: Things that lead to peace and edification part 1 14.06.200613.4 MB
Romans14v14-18Living sacrifice: Does your freedom destroy the other? 07.06.200612.2 MB
Romans14v5-13Living sacrifice: Receive the weak in faith part2 24.05.200610.1 MB
Romans14v1-4Living sacrifice: Receive the weak in faith part1 17.05.200610.5 MB
Romans13v11-14Living sacrifice: Redeeming the time 10.05.200611.9 MB
Romans13v8-10Living sacrifice: Love one another 03.05.200611.9 MB
Romans13v1-7Living sacrifice: Life under authorities 19.04.200613.3 MB
Romans12v14-21Living sacrifice: Relational character skills 12.04.200611.6 MB
Romans12v9-13Living sacrifice: Personal character 05.04.200612.8 MB
Romans12v3-8Living sacrifice: Humility - Knowing who we are in Christ 22.03.200613.3 MB
Romans12v2Living sacrifice: The metamorphosis of your mind 08.03.200615.1 MB
Romans12v1Being a living sacrifice 01.03.200614.2 MB
Romans11v1-36God's sovereign election of Israel 15.02.200613.3 MB
Romans10v14-213 ways how to challenge people to faith 08.02.200610.7 MB
Romans10v1-13Saved by faith 01.02.200611.4 MB
Romans9v6-33God's election for the Jews 18.01.200610.1 MB
Romans9v1-5Paul's heart for the Jews 11.01.200611.4 MB
Romans8v26-39The four helps in suffering 04.01.200611.9 MB
Romans8v17-25The hope of glory 21.12.200512.8 MB
Romans8v15-16Living in the Spirit part5 14.12.200510.8 MB
Romans8v14Living in the Spirit part4 23.11.200514.9 MB
Romans8v11-13Living in the Spirit part3 16.11.200513.9 MB
Romans8v8-11Living in the Spirit part2 09.11.200512.9 MB
Romans7v24-8v8Living in the Spirit part1 02.11.200514 MB
Romans7v13-25First steps into a Spirit-filled life 19.10.200513 MB
Romans7v7-12Sin alive through the law 21.09.200511.2 MB
Romans7v1-6The demands of the law diminished through death 14.09.200511.7 MB
Romans6v14-23Being obedient to Righteousness 07.09.200512.3 MB
Romans6v1-14Buried with Christ, Alive with Christ 24.08.200512.5 MB
Romans5v12-21Adam vs Christ 10.08.200514.1 MB
Romans5v6-11God's love: another reason to rejoice in suffering 06.07.200511.5 MB
Romans5v1-5Real faith in practice 22.06.200512.3 MB
Romans4v13-25The character of real faith 15.06.200510.3 MB
Romans4v1-12By faith we are saved 25.05.200512.5 MB
Romans3v20-31Faith saves 11.05.200513.1 MB
Romans3v1-20Sinner - Jew or Gentile 04.05.200511.2 MB
Romans2v17-29If you are a Jew, live like one 13.04.200511.1 MB
Romans2v1-17Don't point at others 06.04.200510.8 MB
Romans1v24-32How God views the lost world 23.03.200512.5 MB
Romans1v13-23The salvation from the wrath of God 16.03.200512.6 MB
Romans1v7-12Who are we in Christ? 09.03.200511.4 MB
Romans1v2-6The gospel of God 02.03.200514.7 MB
Romans1v1Paul separated to the Gospel 16.02.200511.3 MB
Romans1v1Introduction to the letter to Romans 09.02.200513 MB

(Johannes Rinn)

Passage Title DateSize
James 1:16-18All good gifts come from the LORD 25.11.20095,4 MB
James 1, 12-15How real is our love? 28.10.20097,2 MB
James 1:9-11Lowly or rich - knowing who you are in Christ 30.09.20094,5 MB
James 1:5-8Trust, that needs no lifejacket 26.08.20095 MB
James 1:1-4What trials can do 29.07.20094,7 MB

The Book Esther
(Marc Haunschild)

Passage Title DateSize
Esther 3-10God`s plan and faithfulness - for you as well 11.06.200810.7 MB
Esther 1+2Esther becomes the Queen 04.06.200811.4 MB
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