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Verse by verse through the first book for the Psalms

Speaker Title DateSize
Keith Fortenberry The kingdom of heaven (Psalm 24) 13.05.200911 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 23 06.05.200913 MB
Keith Fortenberry Unser leidender Retter (Psalm 22) 22.04.200911,9 MB
Keith Fortenberry Psalm 21 08.04.200913,4 MB
Dietmar Sommer Psalm 20 01.04.200911,3 MB
Keith Fortenberry The revelation of God (Psalm 19) 18.03.200915,2 MB
Keith Fortenberry Jesus Christ: Our singing Savior (Psalm 18) 11.03.200914,5 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 17 04.03.200910,3 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 16 18.02.200911,2 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 15 11.02.200917,1 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 14 04.02.200911.4 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 13 21.01.200910.5 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 12 14.01.200910.6 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 11 07.01.200910.9 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 10 17.12.200813.3 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 8 19.11.200813.1 MB
Robert Jewett Psalm 7 12.11.200812,1 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 6 05.11.200813.2 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 5 22.10.200815.0 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 4 15.10.200814.8 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 3 08.10.200815.0 MB
Chris Kleinloh Psalm 2 01.10.200813.2 MB
Chris Kleinloh Blessed is he ... (Psalm 1) 17.09.200812.6 MB

Verse by verse through the Book Nehemia
(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Nehemiah 13Nehemiah clears up 03.09.200815.8 MB
Nehemia 11+12Real ministry includes sacrifice 20.08.200814.8 MB
Nehemia 10v1-28Deeds of real repentance 23.07.200813.2 MB
Nehemia 9v1-38The merciful God dealing with his rebellious people 16.07.200815.7 MB
Nehemia 8v13-18Authority lived out through responsibility 09.07.200812.9 MB
Nehemia 8v4-12The joy of the Lord is your strength 02.07.200813.0 MB
Nehemia 8v1-8Loving the word of God 18.06.200813.5 MB
Nehemia 7, 70 - 8, 1Stand as one man 21.05.2008 -
Nehemia 7,1-73The faithful and godfearing 23.04.200813.1 MB
Nehemia 6v1-19Discernment for all, all the time 16.04.200813.5 MB
Nehemia 5v1-19You, Minister, Count The Cost (Recording is unfortunatly truncated) 09.04.20086.0 MB
Nehemia 4v1-4v23Attacks of the enemy 02.04.200814.3 MB
Nehemia 3v1-32Everybody building the wall 19.03.200815.9 MB
Nehemia 2v17-20Nehema's first steps (2) 12.03.200813.4 MB
Nehemia 2v9-16Nehemiah's first steps in Jerusalem 05.03.200813.8 MB
Nehemiah 2v1-8Nehemiah's sober mind and clear direction 20.02.200812.7 MB
Nehemiah 1v4-11Nehemiah's reaction to the need 13.02.200813.8 MB
Nehemia 1v1-3Do I care 06.02.200812.9 MB
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