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The Sermon on the Mount
(Keith Fortenberry)

Passage Title DateSize
Matthew 7:21-29Who goes into Heaven? 10.07.201115,1 MB
Matthew 7:13 14God's Gate 19.06.201114,4 MB
Matthew 7:1-6Who made You judge? 29.05.201116 MB
Matthew 6:25-34Attacking Anxiety 22.05.201115,7 MB
Matthew 6:22-24Everybody serves something 15.05.201115,0 MB
Matthew 6:19-21God or Greed 08.05.201113,3 MB
Matthew 6:16-18Christian Fasting 17.04.201114,8 MB
Matthew 6:9-15Gebetsschule 27.03.201114,7 MB
Matthew 6: 5-8Pitfalls in Prayer 20.03.201116,1 MB
Matthew 6:1-4Godly Giving 06.03.201114,5 MB
Matthew 5:43-48Loving our haters 27.02.201115,1 MB
Matthew 5:38-42Restriction of rights 20.02.201116 MB
Matthew 5: 33-37On the Taking of Oaths 06.02.201116,5 MB
Matthew 5:31-32Concerning Divorce 30.01.201115,1 MB
Matthew 5:27-30Adultery Anonymous 23.01.201115,9 MB
Matthew 5: 21-26Murder and the Mouth 16.01.201115,8 MB
Matthew 5: 17-20Jesus and the Scriptures 09.01.201115,7 MB
Matthew 5:13-16Influencing or Influenced 12.12.201015,4 MB
Matthew 5:10-12The Christian and Persecution 28.11.201014,7 MB
Matthew 5:9God`s Peacemakers 21.11.201014 MB
Matthew 5:8Happy are the Holy 14.11.201015,3 MB
Matthew 5:7Happy are the Merciful 31.10.201014,1 MB
Matthew 5:6Happy,Hungry,Holy 24.10.201013,5 MB
Matthew 5:5The Beauty Of Brokenness 17.10.201015,3 MB
Mattew 5:4The unlikely way to true happiness 10.10.201014,1 MB
Matthew 5:3Happy are the humble 26.09.201015,7 MB
Matthew 5:1-2A Survey of the Sermon on the Mount 19.09.201016,3 MB

Gospel according to Matthew
(Keith Fortenberry)

Passage Title DateSize
Matthew 26:57-68God in the Dock 03.08.201112,8 MB
Matthew 26:47-56Jesus Betrayed 06.07.201113,9 MB
Matthew 26:36-46The Garden of Grief 22.06.201114 MB
Matthew 26:1-6The final Preparations 12.06.20114,3 MB
Matthew 25The signs of the end - Part 2 01.06.201114,9 MB
Matthew 24 Signs of the end times 18.05.201114,8 MB
Matthew 23Warning, Woes, Weeping 11.05.201115,5 MB
Matthew 22, 34:40What life is all about 20.04.201113,8 MB
Matthew 22:23-33Life after life 13.04.201112,7 MB
Matthew 22: 15-22God and Government 06.04.201114,9 MB
Matthew 22:1-14The royal Invitation 23.03.201115,5 MB
Matthew 21:33-46The violent Vinedressers 16.03.201113,3 MB
Matthew 21: 23-32Trouble in the Temple 09.03.201112,7 MB
Matthew 21:18-22The folly of fruitlessness 02.03.201113,4 MB
Matthew 20:29-21:11Der Einzug des Königs 09.02.201113,6 MB
Matthew 19:27-20-16A Kingdom of Equals 12.01.201114,6 MB
Matthew 19: 16-26Things that keep people fom Jesus 05.01.201112,4 MB
Matthew 19, 1:15Marriage as God sees it 15.12.201014,3 MB
Matthew 18, 21:35Kingdom Life and Values: Unity 08.12.201013,9 MB
Matthew 18: 10-20 Kingdom Life and Values: Responsibility 01.12.201015,1 MB
Matthew 18: 5-9Kingdom Life and Values: Purity 17.11.201013 MB
Matthew 18:1-4Kingdom Life and Values: Humility 10.11.201019,8 MB
Matthew 17:22-27Deaths and Taxes 03.11.201013,0 MB MB
Matthew 17:14-21The Frustration of Faithlessness 20.10.201012 MB
Matthew 16:24-28A precious paradox 06.10.201013,0 MB
Matthew 16:20-23God´s Gospel or Man´s 22.09.201013,4 MB
Matthew 16:18-20Jesus and his Church 15.09.201014,5 MB
Matthew 16:13-17The great confession 08.09.201013,2 MB
Matthew 16:1-12Persistent unbelief and progressive understanding 18.08.201013,1 MB
Matthew 15:29-39The Compassionate Christ 11.08.201015,7 MB
Matthew15:21-28Faith in a foreign land 04.08.201013,7 MB
Matthew:14:34-15:20Tradition or transformation 01.08.201014,3 MB
Matthew 14:22-33He plants his footsteps in the Sea 21.07.201012,8 MB
Matthew 13:44-52Salvation, Hell and the Bible 07.07.20108,5 MB MB
Matthew 13:53-14:12Resisting the Kingdom 04.07.201014,5 MB
Matthew 13:24-43Kingdom Illustrations 23.06.20109,4 MB
Matthew 13: 1-28The Parable of the Sower 16.06.201012,5 MB
Matthew 12:38-50Jonah and Jesus 09.06.201014,7 MB
Matthew 12: 22-37The continuing conflict 02.06.201014,8 MB
Matthew 12: 1-21The Lord of the Sabbath 19.05.201013,3 MB
Mat.11.20-30Rest for the restless 09.05.201013,8 MB
Matthew 11: 1-19John the Baptist and Jesus 05.05.201014,3 MB
Matthew 10: 32-42Christ on Christianity 02.05.201014 MB
Matthew 10:16-31Behind enemy lines 21.04.201013 MB
Matthew 10:5-15Was macht einen guten Dienst aus 14.04.201011 MB
Matthew 10:1-4God can use You 24.03.201012,1 MB
Matthew 05:01-05God's Method in Ministry 17.03.201013 MB
Matthew 9:27-38The role of prayer in evangelism 10.03.201012,3 MB
Matthew 9: 18-26Surprising grace 03.03.201012,7 MB
Matthew 9:9-17Jesus' Mission Statement 28.02.201013,6 MB
Matthew 9:1-8God's greatest gift and man's greatest need 17.02.201012,5 MB
Matthew 8:28-34He has done great things for me. 10.02.201014,4 MB
Matthew 8:23-27Master of the Sea 03.02.20109,8 MB
Matthew 8:18-22The facts about following JESUS 13.01.201012,4 MB
Matthew 8:1-17The Great Physician 07.10.200912,4 MB
Matthew 4:23-25The ministry of our Master 23.09.200913,1 MB
Matthew 4:18-22Following and fishing 16.09.200911,4 MB
Matthew 4:12-17The Dawning of the Light 09.09.200910,7 MB
Matthew 4:1-11Tempted in all points 16.08.200913,3 MB
Matthew 3:13-17A Backwards Baptism 12.08.200912,7 MB
Matthew 3,1-12Schrei in der Wüste 02.08.200914,8 MB
Matthew 2:13-23Nazareth via Egypt 22.07.200911,2 MB
Matthew 2:1-12Glory to the newborn King 15.07.200912,8 MB
Matthew 1:18-25The Virgin Birth 08.07.200910,7 MB
Matthew 1:1-17A Genealogy of Grace 17.06.200911,6 MB
Matthew 1,1:17The ancestry of Christ 10.06.200910 MB

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