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The Gospel according to Luke
(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Luke 24v36-53The last words of Jesus 13.07.200815.7 MB
Luke 24v1-35The problem of the three days and the disciples of Emmaus
Notes: the three days_engl.pdf
06.07.200815.4 MB
Luke 24v1-12The Love of the women for Jesus 29.06.200814.6 MB
Luke 23v50-56How do I live good and righteous 22.06.200813.3 MB
Luke 23v32-49Jesus didn't die for himself 15.06.200811.7 MB
Luke 23v26-31Simon Kyrene 18.05.200814.5 MB
Luke 22v63-23v25Who is Jesus to you? 04.05.200812.1 MB
Luke 22v47-62Four ways to be victorious 27.04.200813.6 MB
Luke 22v31-46Staying strong in temptations 13.04.200813.7 MB
Luke 22v24-30Christian = Servant 06.04.200813.6 MB
Luke 22v21-23The appointed free will 30.03.200816.6 MB
Luke 22v14-20The Last Supper 16.03.200813.4 MB
Luke 22v1-6Judas Iscariot 09.03.200815.0 MB
Luke 21v8-38Things to come II 24.02.200816.3 MB
Luke 21v5-24Things to come 17.02.200813.2 MB
Luke 21v1-4Tithing and Offering 10.02.200815.2 MB
Luke 20v41-47Preconceptions vs.the bible 03.02.200812.8 MB
Luke 20v20-40Jesus vs. his enemies 27.01.200815.3 MB
Luke 19v45 - 20v19The question of authority 20.01.200815.5 MB
Luke 19v28-44The entry to Jerusalem 13.01.200815.3 MB
Luke 19v11-27Jesus ministry: meeting needs -part 3 30.12.200715.2 MB
Luke 19v1-10Jesus ministry: meeting needs -part 2 23.12.200710.8 MB
Luke 18v35-43Jesus ministry: meeting needs - part 1 16.12.200715.2 MB
Luke 18v31-34Are you willing to suffer in ministry? 18.11.200712.8 MB
Luke 18v18-30Whats impssible for men... 11.11.200714.5 MB
Luke 18v15-17Meeting JESUS as a child 04.11.200712.8 MB
Luke 18v9-14Who is my prayer focused on? 28.10.200714.4 MB
Luke 18v1-8Persistan prayer to a faithful God 21.10.200714.2 MB
Luke 17v20-37The Day of the Son of Man 14.10.200714.7 MB
Luke 17v11-19Are you saved and thankful? 07.10.200714.5 MB
Luke 17v1 - 10Forgiving Offences 30.09.200713.9 MB
Luke 16v13-31God's perspective versus Man's perspective 16.09.200714.8 MB
Luke 16v1-12Being a good steward 09.09.200714.5 MB
Luke 15v11-32The gracious father of the two sons 02.09.200716.2 MB
Luke 15v1-10God goes after the lost 26.08.200713.8 MB
Luke 14v25-35True Discipleship 19.08.200717.6 MB
Luke 14v7-24Humility is always connected with service 12.08.200714.8 MB
Luke 14v1-6The Pharisee in us 22.07.200718.3 MB
Luke 13v31-35To meet opposition from under the shadow of his wings 15.07.200714.4 MB
Luke 13v22-30Do you know the Lord? 08.07.200712 MB
Luke 13v18-21God's kingdom as a mustard seed 01.07.200712.1 MB
Luke 13v10-17God's heart for the people 17.06.20079.5 MB
Luke 13v1-9Whom the son sets free, is free indeed 10.06.200715.2 MB
Luke 12v49-59Issues of the heart No 6: Know to discern the times 03.06.200716.8 MB
Luke 12v35-48Issues of the heart No 5: Be ready 27.05.200712.8 MB
Luke 12v13-34What are you living for? 20.05.200713.3 MB
Luke 12v1-12The encouragement for persecution 13.05.200715.1 MB
Luke 11,37-54It's all about the heart 06.05.200714.9 MB
Luke 11v27-36What is in comes out 22.04.200713.1 MB
Luke 11:14-26The Dominion of Satan and God 15.04.200715.2 MB
Luke 11v5-13Concept of prayer - Part 2 01.04.200716 MB
Luke 11v1-4Concept of prayer - Part 1 25.03.200712.5 MB
Luke 10v38-42Not to do, but to be 18.03.200712.9 MB
Luke 10v25-37Go, and do likewise 04.03.200712.3 MB
Luke 10v17-24The most important thing in the heavenly places 25.02.200714.2 MB
Luke 10v8-16Going as a disciple - Part 3 18.02.200714.2 MB
Luke 10v1-16Going as a disciple - Part 2 11.02.20079.4 MB
Luke 10v1-16Going as a disciple - Part 1 04.02.200712.1 MB
Luke 9v37-43Who is Jesus for You? 21.01.200713 MB
Luke 9v28-36There is no fruit on the Mountain top, only in the valley 03.12.200610.2 MB
Luke 9v7-17Ministry to people by God's power 19.11.20069.1 MB
Luke9v1-6On the Lord's mission 12.11.200611.3 MB
Luke8v40-56The touch of the master 05.11.200610.7 MB
Luke8v26-39Jesus sets free 22.10.200610.7 MB
Luke8v22-25What is real faith? 15.10.20067.8 MB
Luke8v4-21Parabel of the sower 08.10.20067.8 MB
Luke8v1-3Providing for the Lord's ministers 24.09.200612.3 MB
Luke7v36-50Our Love towards God 17.09.20069.6 MB
Luke7v18-34Reactions of Jesus listenes 10.09.20069.7 MB
Luke7v11-17The heart of God for You 03.09.20067.5 MB
Luke7v1-10Faith under authority 27.08.20069.6 MB
Luke6v39-49Teacher, who teaches you? 20.08.20065 MB
Luke6v32-38Give, and it will be given to you 30.07.200612.3 MB
Luke6v27-31Have the heart of God 23.07.200616.9 MB
Luke6v17-26The Beatitudes 09.07.200614 MB
Luke6v12-16Jesus chooses his disciples 18.06.200613 MB
Luke6v1-11Man is not for the Sabbath 04.06.200614.8 MB
Luke5v33-39The new deal with Jesus 28.05.200613.8 MB
Luke5v17-31Jesus ministers to the individual 21.05.200613.8 MB
Luke5v12-16Love the outcast 07.05.200613.6 MB
Luke5v12Sinner, come to Jesus 30.04.200613.9 MB
Luke5v1-11We should be fishers of men 23.04.200613.4 MB
Luke4v31-44Jesus' words of authority 09.04.200612.8 MB
Luke4v14-30Ministry in Nazareth 02.04.200614.2 MB
Luke4v9-13Spiritual Warfare - Temptation part 3 12.03.200615.8 MB
Luke4v5-8Spiritual Warfare - Temptation part 2 05.03.200614.2 MB
Luke4v1-4Spiritual Warfare - Temptation part 1 26.02.200615.6 MB
Luke3v21-38Ask and you shall be given the Holy Spirit 19.02.200616.3 MB
Luke3v3-20John's ministry 12.02.200612.5 MB
Luke3v1-24 ways to attain a position 05.02.200613.6 MB
Luke2v39-52Jesus as a teenager 22.01.200615.4 MB
Luke2v21-383 ways in which the Lord can lead us 15.01.200615.5 MB
Luke2v8-20God's good news to the world 25.12.20059.9 MB
Luke2v1-7Jesus being born - God leads in mysterious ways 18.12.200511.9 MB
Luke1v57-80Two people praising God 11.12.200515 MB
Luke1v30-56The impact of Mary's calling 04.12.200512.9 MB
Luke1v26-38The character of Mary part 2 27.11.200512.5 MB
Luke1v26-38The character of Mary part 1 20.11.200513.8 MB
Luke1v5-25What will restrict your calling 06.11.200514.6 MB
Luke1v5-6The main prerequisites for God's calling 16.10.200513 MB
Luke1v1-4Lukes introduction to his gospel 09.10.200512.6 MB
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