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Verse by verse through the book of Phillipians
(Pastor Keith)

Passage Title Date
Philipians 3:4-11That I may know him (10:30) 17.05.2020
Philipians 3:1-3Rejoice and beware! (10:30) 03.05.2020
Philipians 2:18-30A few good men (10:30) 26.04.2020
Philipians 2:12-18Torch bearers (10:30) 19.04.2020
Philipians 2:9-11Elevated / Easter (10:30) 12.04.2020
Philipians 2:5-8Humbled / Good Friday (7pm) 10.04.2020
Philipians 2:1-4Unity though humility (10:30) 05.04.2020
Philipians 1:27-30Worthy, United, Courageous (10:30) 29.03.2020
Philipians 1:19-26Life is Christ (10:30) 22.03.2020
Philipians 1:12-18The furtherance of the Gospel (10:30) 15.03.2020
Philipians 1:3-11Thankful, joyful and confident (10:30) 08.03.2020
Philipians 1,1 2Servants and Saints (10:30) 01.03.2020
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