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(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Ruth4v11-22The Lord blesses obedience 11.09.200510.2 MB
Ruth4v1-12The law and our salvation 04.09.200511.3 MB
Ruth3v10-18The heart of Boaz and Ruth 28.08.200513 MB
Ruth3v6-9Get under the wings of the Lord 21.08.200514 MB
Ruth2v23-3v5Another help for singles 07.08.200512.7 MB
Ruth2v5-23God's heart to reach the lost 2 24.07.200514.2 MB
Ruth2v1-16God's heart to reach the lost 1 17.07.200514.9 MB
Ruth1v20-21The reality of Christianity 10.07.200514.7 MB
Ruth1v6-22Being a witness through trials 26.06.200514.4 MB
Ruth1v1-5God's view on problems 19.06.200515.2 MB

Der Prophet Daniel
(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Daniel 12Daniel 12 and End Time Overview Endtime_deutsch.pdf 25.04.200713 MB
Daniel 11v20-45The two antichrists: The one of the old and the one of the new testament 18.04.200714.5 MB
Daniel 10-11v19From the Persian Kingdom to the time of Jesus Daniel_Chapter_11.pdf 11.04.200712.9 MB
Daniel 9The 70 years and the 70 weeks 04.04.200715 MB
Daniel 7+8The four great Empires 21.03.200717 MB
Daniel 6v1-29A life above reproach 14.03.200714.2 MB
Daniel 5v1-31The hand on the wall 14.02.200714.2 MB
Daniel 3v31-4v34Who is your counseler? 07.02.200712.3 MB
Daniel 2v46-3v30Sadrach, Mesach and Abed-Nego 22.11.20068.3 MB
Daniel 2v31-45The statue of the King 15.11.20067.7 MB
Daniel2v1-30Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the world's kindoms 08.11.20068.4 MB
Daniel 1v8-21Daniel and the wisdom of God 01.11.20068.7 MB
Daniel1v1-7Introduction: Book Daniel 18.10.20068.3 MB

Der Prophet Jona
(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Jona 3-4 Service with the Heart of God leads to fulfillment 18.07.2007 n/a
Jona 1-2 God doesn't let you go! 11.07.2007 n/a

Der Prophet Joel
(Pastor Josiah)

Passage Title DateSize
Joel 3,1-22The final showndown 04.07.200712.3 MB
Joel 2v28-29God pours out his spirit 20.06.200711.4 MB
Joel 2v12-27Repent, Restore, Rejoice 13.06.200713.5 MB
Joel 2v1-11The Day of the LORD 23.05.200713.5 MB
Joel 1v13-19A call to repentance in the day of the Lord 16.05.200711.6 MB
Joel 1v1-9Introduction 09.05.200712.8 MB

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