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The Book Exodus
(Pastor Chriss)

Passage Title DateSize
Exodus 36,8-40,38The Love offering to the Lord part 2 27.12.200914,6 MB
Exodus 35-36:7The Love offering to the Lord 13.12.200914,4 MB
Exodus 34:27-35The Presence of God in us! 06.12.200914,4 MB
Exodus 34:10-11Wie wir Gottes beständig erneuerte Treue erfahren 29.11.200915 MB
Exodus 34:05-09Do you know the God of grace? 22.11.200912,6 MB
Exodus 34:01-05The scars of our sin 08.11.200911,7 MB
Exodus 330:01-23The important steps after our failure 01.11.200914,6 MB
Exodus 32:17-35Gods and Moses response to the golden Calf 25.10.200912,7 MB
Exodus 32:1-06The golden calf 11.10.200912 MB
Exodus 31:1-18The annointing for the ministry 04.10.200915,6 MB
Exodus 30:11-38Don't rob God of His glory 27.09.200916,1 MB
Exodus 29:38 - 30:10To pray by grace 20.09.200914,3 MB
Exodus 29:01-37Fit for the spiritual ministry 13.09.200915,1 MB
Exodus 27:01 -28:43The awe of God 06.09.200914,6 MB
Exodus 25 26How precious is God to you? 30.08.200914,6 MB
Exodus 24:1-18Covenant by grace 23.08.200915 MB
Exodus 23,1-33The Holy Spirit - sent to lead you into the Promised Land 09.08.200914,1 MB
Exodus 23:1-19Gerechtigkeit,Vertrauen und Anbetung 26.07.200915,4 MB
Exodus 22:16-31God is different 19.07.200911,6 MB
Exodus 21:28-22:4Trust the god of justice 12.07.200915,4 MB
Exodus 21:12-27Institutional and moral laws 05.07.200914,5 MB
Exodus 21:1-11Gods bond servant 28.06.200915,6 MB
Exodus 21:1-11Slavery according to God's standard 21.06.200913,9 MB
Exodus 20:18-26The fear of the Lord is good 14.06.200912,9 MB
Exodus 20:1-17Overview: The 10 Commandments 07.06.200915,4 MB
Exodus 20:14-17Loving God through obedience 31.05.200915,1 MB
Exodus 20:13You shall not murder 24.05.200913,5 MB
Exodus 20:125th Commandment: Honor father and mother 10.05.20096,7 MB
Exodus 20:7-113rd and 4th Commandment: Honor the name and day of the Lord 03.05.200916,1 MB
Exodus 20:4-62.Commandment - God is gracious and mercyful 26.04.200918 MB
Exodus 20, 1-3The first Commandment 19.04.200913,7 MB
Exodus 19:1-27The relevance of the law for us 05.04.200915,0 MB
Exodus 18:1-27Jethro trifft Moses 29.03.200915,0 MB
Exodus 17:8-16Victory through prayer 22.03.200913,1 MB
Exodus 16:31-36Trust your Leadership 15.03.200914,8 MB
Exodus 15:22-16:30The Blessings of God attained by obedience 08.03.200916,7 MB
Exodus 15:22-16:30Remember God´s goodness even if leades hurt you 22.02.200912.4 MB
Exodus 15:1-21God is great in CCHD 08.02.200914,8 MB
Exodus 14:1-31God is mighty to save 25.01.200915.2 MB
Exodus 17:17-22How God leads 18.01.200911.4 MB
Exodus 13:1-16God's first advice: don't forget and give! 21.12.200812.9 MB
Exodus 12:29-51Leaving Egypt 30.11.200811.0 MB
Exodus 11:1 - 12:28God's final plan of redemption 16.11.200813.8 MB
Exodus 10:1-29Plague 8+9 02.11.200813.6 MB
Exodus 9:1-35Approaching high noon - Trust God or not 26.10.200814.0 MB
Exodus 8:16-32Plague 3+4 Compromise is never obidience 19.10.200811.4 MB
Exodus 7:14-8:15The first two plagues 12.10.200812.1 MB
Exodus 6:9-7:13Only trust can recieve God's promises 05.10.200813.2 MB
Exodus 5:20 - 6:8Friendship with God 28.09.200814.2 MB
Exodus 4:27-5:19Pharaoh's hard heart 07.09.200814.2 MB
Exodus 4:1-26Moses hinderance to go 31.08.200814.9 MB
Exodus 2,21-3,22Moses change of heart 24.08.200815.2 MB
Exodus 2v11Moses failure 10.08.200814.0 MB
Exodus 2v1-10Change will come as we trust God 27.07.200813.8 MB
Exodus 1,1-22Godlines with contentment is great gain 20.07.200813.4 MB
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